Testabolan CYP – Muscle & Testosterone Booster!! Must Read!!

Introduction of Testabolan CYP

It has been scientifically proved that after the age of 30 years male feel low in energy and libido due to which they are not able to get good results even after spending a lot of time in the gym, it is all because the Testosterone level starts decreasing slowly and steadily. Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for not only promoting healthy muscles but also boost sexual performance. At this stage alone good diet and exercise may not be enough to achieve desired results hence you need to have the supplement which can boost testosterone.

What Is Testabolan CYP

It is a supplement incorporated with all natural ingredients to boost testosterone level in the male body to achieve healthy muscles and increases stamina. This supplement provides well-shaped body structure with nicely built muscles and enhances vitality and virility. It also helps to increase the sexual ability of male and boost performance.

Main Ingredients

All the ingredients used in this formula are either herbal or natural products making very effective and safe. The basic purpose of this supplement is to boost Testosterone counts in the male body to enable it to achieve healthy and well-built muscles. The main ingredients are as follows:

  • Longjack
  • Monkey’s head
  • Tribulus Terestris
  • Horney Goat Weed
  • Maca Root


This wonderful formula is meant to boost testosterone counts in the male body which start diminishing after the age of 30 years, hence it helps to increase the stamina and energy required to devote maximum time in the gym to build muscle. This supplement promotes the essential nutrients that help to grow healthy muscles and make sure that you get ripped body as per your desire. It also increases the blood flow in the penile chamber thus increasing the sexual performance.


This product come in the form of capsules and it is recommended that one capsule be taken in the morning just 15 minutes before proceeding for exercise and one capsule in the night just before bed time. To maximize the results it must be continued for at least 90 days and to achieve desired results it is recommended to do vigorous exercise along with the doses and strict diet regime.


  • Mainly it boost the testosterone level in the male body which is the main hormone to maintain energy and stamina
  • It helps to achieve bulgy muscles and well-shaped body.
  • It also helps to remove the unwanted fats from the body and reveal the muscles beneath.
  • It also helps to repair the ruptured muscles during hard workouts it has antioxidant values.
  • It also enhances the sexual capability of a male.


Since it is a natural product and has no side effect at all.

However, there are few precautions related to this product which must be kept in mind. Firstly it should not be taken by people below 18 years of age and this product is meant solely for males.

Always consult your doctor before starting supplement. The overdoses of this product may be harmful, hence take as directed.


This product is not available in the open market hence to be bought through their official Web Site only by this way you can expect a genuine and authentic product.

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